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Harry Will – Diamond Construction


top 5 keyword results

+160 %

increase in online leads

OneLife Marketing Solutions used Organic and Local SEO to rank Diamonds’s new CRO focused website in the top 5 results for over 300 keywords which lead to an increase in online leads of over +160%.

“The results speak for themselves”

Sam Johnson – The Johnson Law Firm

+670 %

increase in organic traffic

+365 %

increase in online leads

OneLife Marketing Solutions used SEO & PPC to increase the overall traffic to the new Johnson website by +670% and along with the new CRO focused Website were able to increase online leads by over +365%.

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Our Mission Statement

OneLife Marketing Solutions aims to be a leading name in the world of marketing. With our unique blend  of  services and marketing specialists as a team, we believe the addition of innovation and renationalization  in the advertisement  sector

OneLife Marketing Solutions is a marketing company,  that aims to be an all-in-one marketing service provider. We are available with our marketing-based solutions for audiences all around the globe. OneLife Marketing Solutions is an internationally acknowledged and recognized marketing company with hundreds of satistified clients. All of our team members are highly professional experts and have years of experience in their respective fields. 

Get your Desired results with OneLife Marketing Solutions

The experts we provide are trained professionally and have years of on-hands experience in their service areas. Our services are versatile and complete in themselves. Starting from website design, writing its content, optimizing it, and marketing it. We are available to do it for you. We help companies to generate more leads and sales from their businesses. 

OneLife Marketing Solutions is an all-in-one service provider and marketer company. With that being said, we assist you in providing services like Lead Generation, web development, content writing, graphic designing, and more, making your business optimize after analyzing it thoroughly. We provide our services to both newly established and already working for business companies.

Though we are a full-strength company now, this is not how we started. Instead, we started from a couple of lead generation and digital marketing services. And over time, due to our team’s consistent efforts, we emerged as a fully functional marketing agency. The OneLife Marketing Solutions team is highly creative, systematic and strategic, technically professional. The unique blend of such experts makes us who we are today.

The results you will attain by working with us will be above and
beyond your thinking.

What OneLife Marketing Solution Assures?

We will help you in making marketing plans that you can implement. Our team has so far helped many businesses in their exemplary growth attainment. We help you in getting the audience, that is in accordance with the service you are offering. 

We assure you of the following :

Once you, reach the targeted audience, it gets relatively easier for you to convert them , into your potential clients and drive your sales from them. Contact us, today and get started.



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We offer

Digital Marketing Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization); is the only technique that helps you compete with hundreds of competitors on SNS ( Social Networking Websites). With our SEO service , we will rank your business websites first on google. So far, we have helped many businesses from scratch till the sales generation phase.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing lies at the heart of social media marketing. It is a bridge that connects you with the end audience. With our Graphic designing services, you can scale up your business growth in customer engagement.

Website Development

Business marketing is incomplete without website development. A quality website; displays all your content in highly organized and professional way. With OneLife Marketing Solutions,we give you a complete control on content (quality and quantity) that you want your audience to see.

Content Writing

You got the business idea, have marketing strategy ready for it, your core team is prepared to started work. But hold on! You are missing out, a major thing; Content Writing!. We have got a team of highly professional and experienced content writers who would voice your abstract ideas.

Amazon Marketing

Being updated and upgraded in terms of learning and earning is an insightful/reliable approach. In our Amazon marketing service, we would help you in not just promoting but also selling your products online (Amazon). In this service, we will be using advanced techniques and methodologies.

Social Media Marketing

The success and growth of any business; whether it is to be established or is already prepared is determined by the effectiveness of its social media marketing. Onelife Marketing Solutions SMM experts are a single click away. Reach us to get your customized result-oriented SMM campaigns from our SMM professionals

We Provide

Lead Generation Services


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We help businesses excel. Think, Analyze, Plan and Execute With Us

Get the best ROI on your investments, present your companies and brands in front of more interested customers, generate more sales and become one of the best in your competitors.


OneLife Marketing Solutions is a marketing service provider and solution-based company. We are headquartered in the USA ( United States of America) and have our branches all around the globe. Our offices are in North Carolina, California and in Pakistan.

Our pleasure is to serve nationally and internationally to hundreds of companies and clients. We have been the service hub for them through their journey and are still supporting them fully. We have companies as customers from the UK, USA, Germany, France, Australia, Mexico and a lot more. We aim to bridge the gulf between marketing services providers and the potential end audience (customers) who need it.

Marketing potential in 21st century and OneLife Marketing Solutions role

Marketing allows you to have optimum use of resources while generating more ideas to expand your business. The goals, aims and objectives of your business can only be met when you put focus on marketing. It’s important to do so as your business’s whole success rate is independent of it.

The more quality time and work you put into it, the better it gets. It would help you give the marketing that helps, and ensures attainment of required objectives of the company. It is further to be noted that, the more you focus on effective marketing, the more success you will get. Marketing helps you in selling your products and services to the target audience in ways that work.

Digital transformation has not just revolutionized the ways we used to think and behave but also the ways we interact and perform. Our marketing services open in front of you, a list of possibilities according to your businesses. Among them, you will narrow down to the ones which you feel are most appropriate in the context of your businesses.

How OneLife Marketing Solution can help you?

All of your consumers (targeted audience) are linked to the internet every waking hour. Now whether you are able to reach your potential clients depends completely on your marketing strategies. You need not worry at all in this regard, as we have figured it all out for you. Not only do we have answers to all your queries but also the trending and most effective marketing strategies. Please feel free to Contact us and get your free quote now.

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With the help of researched marketing, we will ensure that new clients and customers are able to find your business.


Looking out for customized solutions for your website? Our team will develop and deliver a website that will serve purpose.

Lead Generation

Are you tired of purchasing bad and non profitable leads? Give us a chance and get 100% Exclusive Leads that will be generated according to your criteria.


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